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We're changing the rules on how Mortgage Loan and Real Estate Services are obtained in Colorado:


Old Rule:  Mortgage Companies and Real Estate Companies are completely separate businesses.  You have to find one person or company to handle your Real Estate transaction, and then you or your Buyer has to get a Mortgage somewhere else, and pay the high costs associated with both.


New Rule:  Now you can get BOTH services in one place, at a lower cost.  We have merged a Full Service Mortgage Company with a Full Service Real Estate Company, offering one seamless transaction. 





Mortgage Masters, Inc.

Spiers Real Estate,


Property Management


As an Independent Mortgage Broker, we are approved as a correspondent with many national lenders and can help you shop among them for the best loan program that fits your needs, as well as the best price.  Today the mortgage business is more complicated than ever, with a seemingly endless variety of loan programs, terms and fees.  We can help you sort out all the confusion and give you unbiased, professional advice, independent of the lender you will actually make your payments to.  The best price at no extra cost...  There are no extra charges for you to obtain your loan through a mortgage broker versus obtaining it directly from the lender who will ultimately hold it.  Most of the time we can match or beat the best price you can find.  We operate with much lower overhead than larger lenders, and pass the savings on to you.  Being locally owned and operated, we provide personalized, caring and efficient service, which is hard to find at larger institutions.        

Whether you are interested in Buying or Selling a home...

Put over 30 years experience behind your real estate deal, combined with readily available financing, and you will be amazed at the results! 

Don't want to be a landlord?  Let us manage your residential rental property for you!

Looking for a nice property to rent, but don't want to be tied to a lease because you hope to buy someday?  We have rental properties available that won't tie you down! 


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